RigiLightTM is a light and strong composite that is particularly suitable for sports, physical training and travelling, because it is instrumental in protecting the body.
RigiLight is a flax fibre reinforced recycled thermoplastic. The unique combination of flax fibres, thermoplastic resin and catalysts gives a product that is stronger per weight ratio than glass fibre reinforced composites. Therefore it provides superior protection in footwear, guards and suitcases.

The use of flax and thermoplastic processing greatly reduce the toxic environmental impact of high performance fibre reinforced composites at the point of production and manufacturing. Healus Ltd’s proprietary formula of ingredients and manufacturing process combines existing technologies to make the production of footwear and other products more cost effective and eco-friendly.

Flax is a rigid and light fibre that can greatly strengthen the plastic resin, resulting in a composite that can be compression moulded into very strong and lightweight plates and blades.

There is a growing consumer demand for sustainable products. Manufacturers are also going to need to use more environmentally friendly materials due to upcoming changes in manufacturing legislation, such as EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility).

We live in the era of car travel, resulting in a lack of physical resilience to walk and run enough. The convenience of the car has led to underuse of the legs, which results in a general weakness in the muscles and tendons as well a variety of physical and mental ailments.

The awareness of the need for exercise is great, but when starting to undertake vigorous exercise, the lack of fitness, coordination and strength leads to musculoskeletal injuries in 1 out of 2 people. Whilst the fascia (connective tissue in the body) is weak, an unsupported bout of exercise repeatedly gives excessive strain. This can result in micro-tears: breakdown of cross-linkages within the collagen (long fibrous structural proteins which support most tissues and give great tensile strength).

Several research projects lead by Healus Ltd have demonstrated that flax fibres, can take some of the strain during vigorous exercise such as running. Such fibres are made of out of cellulose, the linear chain of 1000s molecules bound strongly to each-other. The research showed that RigiLight is a highly resilient (strong, durable and springy) material that, with the right product design, reduces the strain on muscle and tendon fibres and enables more physical activity.