can the Resilic sole system be used in other sports shoes

Yes, it has many benefits over other footwear used for running, jumping or walking.

Has the Resilic sole system been fully tested?

Yes. See our SCIENCE section for technical results of numerous tests.

Why haven’t I heard of this system before?

The Resilic® sole system has been many years in development and has finally become market-ready following the introduction of new manufacturing techniques with flax fibre and polyurethane.

Can I buy shoes today with the Resilic sole system?

Unfortunately not. We seek to partner with a major manufacturer to produce footwear with the Resilic® sole system under licence.

What’s the sensation of running in shoes with the Resilic sole system?

You’ll notice the extra cushioning as your foot strikes the ground quickly followed by a sensation of added spring as you drive forward. You’ll really feel the spring in your step!

Will I need to change my running form for these shoes?

The Resilic sole system has a distinct heelless recess at the rear and greater shock absorption and energy return under the ball of the foot. This automatically encourages better form with the foot striking the ground directly under the body.

What is the main benefit of the flax fibre plate?

The plate is designed to absorb the impact, return energy (as a trampoline), provide stability and aid in propulsion (the patented shape enables the plate to give strong propulsion on push-off).

Is the Resilic® sole system suitable for off-road running?

The Resilic® sole system provides greater stability than even trail running shoes, because of the unique recesses under the sole. The shape of the outsole acts like studs that also help with the shock absorption – particularly useful when running downhill.

I’ve got more questions. Who should I contact?

Please use our CONTACT page and we’ll get right back to you.